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Ordination Day, Feast of the Holy Innocents, MMIV, Chapel of the Centurion, Fort Monroe - The Most Rev Curtis Bradley & The Rev. Lt. Col. (Ret) Mark Carroll Army CH David Scharff in his office in the Chapel Center, Oct 2006

Welcome to a "Chapel of the Centurion" site. Some of the photos shown above, and description of the Chapel, came from a Chapel Booklet that our family was presented by the Chapel family upon leaving Fort Monroe. Chaplain David Scharff, shown above at his office in the Chapel Center, has been pivotal in developing this site, and has provided the FM Pam, many photos of windows and furnishings, as well as the past Chaplains, and suggestions on layout. My thanks to Chaplain Scharff, Mrs. Lamb, and the entire Chapel staff for their kind support, editorial assistance, and updated information.

The Chapel of the Centurion is my "home church." I became a Christian at Fort Monroe, and had a conversion experience in this chapel the first time I entered it. I was baptized by the Post Chaplain, Chaplain Tom Deal in 1987, and my wife and two children were baptized by the Episcopal Chaplain William E. Paulson. This is where I began serving the Lord. I reviewed a Certificate of Appreciation recently: and see that I held these support positions in the Chapel: Sunday School Teacher, Home Bible Study Leader, Fund Council Member, Vice President- Men of the Chapel, Last Supper Cast Member, Volunteer Helper for Vacation Bible School, Usher, Lay Reader, Leader of the Chapel Prayer Breakfast. My wife and children were baptized in a service with the Episcopal Congregation as I assisted. Just before I was reassigned, my wife and I had our marriage blessed by Chaplain Paulson in an Episcopal Prayer Book Service here. Several months after reassignment, we returned for confirmation. I was called away in an emergency in our family, but my wife and daughter, along with some close friends, were confirmed by the Bishop of Virginia. In 2004 I returned again. The Post Chaplain graciously allowed me to participate in yet one more ceremony, and I was ordained by the Most Reverend Curtis Bradley, a fellow Centurion, on the Feast of the Holy Innocents.

Fort Monroe will soon be demilitarized, but the city of Hampton intends to allow the Episcopal Congregation to continue its worship there and use it for other services. I bid your prayers for this little Chapel, that it may continue to serve Christ as it was intended and sanctified so to do.

I always give thanks for this little Chapel, and for the friends that worshipped there.

time Deum et operare iustitiam.

If you have information conerning the Chapel or Chaplains or questions, please contact me at P r i m u s.P i l u s@gmail.com

Post Script: June 29, 2009 Third Sunday after Trinity: I happened to visit the Chapel as I was in the Tidewater area to remember the First Holy Communion at Jamestown. I sat in the foremost pews so I could hear, and David and family sat just behind me as they were being recognized by the Post Chaplain as David retired from Active Duty. The picure below was taken with my cell phone.


The Chapel Sanctuary - Feast of the Holy Innocents- MMIV
Feast of the Holy Innocents- MMIV

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