Ch Mark Chevers Ch Mark Chevers 1828-1878

1828-1878 Mark L. Chevers

Ch Osgood Herrick 1875-1890

1875-1890 Osgood E. Herrick

Ch Chales Freeland 1891-1899

1891-1899 Charles W. Freeland

CH Thomas Barry 1902-1904

1902-1904 Thomas S. Barry

1903-1911 George Ward Dunbar

1903-1911 George Ward Dunbar

Chaplian Charles S Walkley 1909

1909 Charles S. Walkley

Chaplian CH William Reese Scott 1909-1913

1909-1913 William Reese Scott

Chaplian Alfred A Pruden 1913-1918

1913-1918 Alfred A. Pruden

Chaplian Walter Marvine 1918-1922

1918-1922 Walter Marvin

Chaplian Samuel J Smith 1918-1922

1921-1923 Samuel J. Smith

Chaplian Edmund F Easterbrook 1923-1927

1923-1927 Edmund P. Easterbrook

Chaplian James L McBride 1927-1930

1927-1930 James L. McBride

Chaplian Ivan L Bennett 1930-1933

1930-1933 Ivan L. Bennett

Chaplian 1933-1935 Nathaniel A. Jones

1933-1935 Nathaniel A. Jones

Chaplian J. Knox Bodel

1935-1940 J. Knox Bodel

Chaplian George H. Daum

1940-1942 George H. Daum

Chaplian Edward J. Tanski

1942-1943 Edward J. Tanski

Chaplian Dennis P. Coleman

1943-1944 Dennis P. Coleman

Chaplian Raymond E. Brock

1944-1946 Raymond E. Brock

Chaplian Edward N. Mize

1946-1947 Edward N. Mize

Chaplian Raymond C. Sutherland, Jr.

1947-1948 Raymond C. Sutherland, Jr.

Chaplian Walter H. Bierck

1948-1950 Walter H. Bierck

no photo available

1950-1952 Wilber K. Anderson

Chaplian Harmon D. Moore

1953-1956 Harmon D. Moore

Chaplian Arthur E. Mills

1956-1959 Arthur E. Mills

no photo

1959-1962 William C. Taggert, Jr.

Chaplian George H. Birney

1962-1964 George H. Birney

Charles Trinkle

1964-1965 Charles L. Trinkle

Chaplian Harry G. Campbell, Jr.

1965-1967 Harry G. Campbell, Jr.

Chaplian Stephen E. Peterson

1967-1968 Stephen E. Peterson

no photo available

1968-1969 Arthur H. Marsh

Chaplian Pat H. Davis

1969-1972 Pat H. Davis

Chaplian Clinton Helton

1972-1976 Clinton Helton

Chaplian Howard T. Cross

1976-1980 Howard T. Cross

Chaplian Richard W. Mansur

1980-1983 Richard W. Mansur

Chaplian Everett H. Greene

1983-1985 Everett H. Greene

Chaplian Thomas L. Deal

1985- Thomas L. Deal

Chaplian Richard H. Holley

1989-1992 Richard H. Holley

Chaplian Joseph E. Miller

1992-1994 Joseph E. Miller

Chaplian Arthur F. Jensen

1994-1996 Arthur F. Jensen

Chaplian James E. Rayburn

1996-1997 James E. Rayburn

Chaplian James L. Schnorrenberg

1997-2000 James L. Schnorrenberg

Chaplain David Reese

2000-2003 Chaplain David Reese

Chaplian Wilbert C. Harrison

2003-2005 Wilbert C. Harrison

CH Stephen Feehan 2005-2008

2005-2008 Stephen E. Feehan

CH Juan M Crockett 2008-2011

2008-2011 Juan M. Crockett

CH Aaron R Swartz 2011

2011 Chaplain Aaron R Swartz


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